The purpose of SpOTs

Specialized Occupational Therapy Services LLC (SpOTs LLC) was started to showcase the power of Occupational Therapy in helping individuals live their best lives, especially as they age. Occupational Therapy can benefit multiple areas of a person's life beyond rehabilitation, schools, and other traditional areas.

Meet Dr. Karon Uzzell-Baggett

Dr. Karon Uzzell-Baggett is a certified and licensed Occupational Therapist in Nashville, Tennessee with a passion for working with older adults, women, veterans, and people of color.

Her career began as a military officer, serving in multiple postings around the United States, Germany, Italy, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan. During her career, she held successive leadership positions and accumulated numerous awards.

After retiring in 2011 and working at a local university, Dr. Uzzell-Baggett realized it was time to pursue a lifelong dream of having a healthcare career.

She rolled up her sleeves again, focused on her dream, and was accepted into Belmont University where she graduated with her Occupational Therapy Doctorate.

In 2020 she started her own private practice to address health disparities, change the traditional dynamics of geriatrics and create better health outcomes for her clients.

"Give me a call...I've got SpOTs for you"